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How to Prepare Fabric Softener

Updated: Apr 20, 2022


  1. Cetyl Alcohol (Flakes) ½ kg or 1kg

  2. Water in final product mix as desired

  3. C-Tac Softener Conditioner Oil ½L or 1L

  4. White Vinegar (Prevents moulding) 1L

  5. Hydrogen Peroxide (Anti-bacterial) 30ml

  6. Preservative 50g

  7. Perfume 250ml or as desired

  8. Dye - Pinch or as Desired

Step 1 - Pour 3 litres of water into a pot, preferably stainless steel, pour in the stearyl alcohol or flakes and bring to boil on a stove till the flakes is completely dissolved.

Step 2 - Pour the hot solution into a mixing bowl.

Be careful not to burn yourself from the hot solution.

Step 3 - Immediately pour the C-tac or softener into the hot solution while stirring in one direction till a smooth paste is attained.

It is important to stick to one direction throughout the process

Step 4 - Add the white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to the solution while stirring.

Step 5 - Add the perfume, preservative and colour and mix thoroughly.

Still in the chosen direction

Step 6 - Add water to desired thickness

Step 7 - Leave the product over-night and bottle the next day

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