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How to Prepare Bleach (Thick)


25 Litres

  1. Water 3 L

  2. Base SLES 70% 2 KG

  3. Caustic Soda 500g

  4. Water Up to 14.5L

  5. Hypochlorite Solution 5L

Step 1 - Pour the first 3L of water into a mixing container.

Step 2 - Add SLES 70% to the water and mix to dissolve till lump free.

Step 3 - Add the caustic soda pearls.

Take care not to splash

Step 4 - Now add the rest of the water and mix for about 2 minutes.

Step 5 - Lastly add the hypochlorite solution and mix slowly.

Mixture is now ready to be bottled
The finished product will have a certain thickness or viscosity.
This product can be used for laundering or washing clothes and as a domestic multi-purpose cleaner for floors, tiles, toilet bowls and many household chores.
For this reason, an option is to add soda ash light.
Should you decide to go this route, add 250g to the product and stir.


  • DO NOT use hypochlorite without goggles or eye protection.

  • If in contact with eyes, you may go blind.

  • If in contact with eyes, wash with lots of water and then consult a doctor immediately.

  • This material is very corrosive and may bleach and make hole in clothes.

  • It may also react to all kinds of metals.

  • DO NOT mix HYPO or BLEACH with ANY ACID.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

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Ekua Ogoe-Anderson
Ekua Ogoe-Anderson
21 de jun. de 2023

thanks very much. What is the quantity of hypochlorite needed to make the 5litre solution?

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