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Gigawhite is a skin lightener/skin whitener derived from plant extracts and developed to be an effective active ingredient to lighten and even skin tone - effectively being the primary active ingredient in skin products that whiten, lighten and fade and remove the appearance of age spots (also known as dark spots, liver spots, sun spots).

It is a combination of a number of extracts as a result of a research program involving hundreds of plants that have tyrosinaise-inhibiting properties - reducing the color intensity of age spots and those caused by physical or ultraviolet damage.


In clinical tests, Gigawhite showed decreases in discoloration by 24% and increases in lightness (l-factor) of 15.3% In a 12 week independent study, Gigawhite was shown to to reduce age spots color intensity by 28.6% and the size of such dark spots by 8.6%.


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